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Paranormal Research In Connecticut

Sydney Sherman, Founder / Lead Investigator/Author.

 I have never been alone. From as far back as I can remember I have had the ability to see people (peeps) that others could not see. It is not scary. Its natural. People ask me how do you do it?. The honest answer is I don’t know. It’s almost as though it’s suppose to be this way. I know nothing different. Many people wonder how I can see what I see and hear what I hear. I wonder why they cannot.

Hi, My name is Sydney Sherman, and yes I am a Medium….Even though I hate labeling what I do I have recently come to understand that it helps others understand me a little better. So here it goes…..I want to take the falsehoods, misconceptions and lies out of what is a very sincere, and compassionate ability..There are many like myself…unfortunately there are many more who misrepresent themselves, and prey on peoples hopes and feelings. I get my information from your “Peeps”….these are ghosts, spirits, entities (pick your favorite). To me they are people just like you and me except for a few differences…1. They are not alive. 2. They have no physical bodies (yes girl’s we eventually get rid of cellulite, just something to look forward too), and 3. They don’t have to talk if they don’t want to. That’s it….They make themselves available. Let me tell you what is not needed for a successful reading. You don’t need a crystal ball, candles, mirrors, a dark room, eye of nute (whatever that is) or my favorite…The always impressive rolling the eyes back into the head while chanting and then going into a deep trace. It’s not that difficult. All you need is your voice and a clear mind. I felt so compelled to let others know the truth about the AfterLife, that I wrote the book “You Are Not Alone; Our Loved Ones Are Here..You’re Just Not Listening”, This is a real life story of the up’s and down’s that come with having this type of ability. A guide on how you too can connect to your loved one and enjoy a relationship with them today. If you would like further information on my book, or upcoming presentations and signings, Please visit www.sydneysherman.net  Now…Why did I start investigating..Well why not? I do not have the need to know if spirits exist, I see them everyday. I do this in an attempt to capture evidence for others, to allow them the same opportunity I have always had to see and understand what lies ahead for all of us. To help take away the fear of the unknown and to allow for a reconnection between us and our loved ones….Quite awhile back I started a group called CtGhosthunters™ (CGH). Every member has been picked because of their qualities that I feel a good investigator in the Paranormal needs to have. First a determination for the truth and second a respect for the field. We all come from different backgrounds and maintain the utmost respect when dealing with the afterlife and realize the truths we may uncover can change a persons life. We are all believers, yet we are all skeptics (and really isn’t that what you want in a ghosthunter?) Please read the other team members bio’s. Hopefully it will give you a better understanding of us and who we are. Sooooo…..Enjoy the site, We appreciate any comments or suggestions and if you need our services, Please contact Kelly our Communications Director through this site or visit us on Facebook at Ct Ghosthunters™.See you on the other side.

Christian Bryant, Founder/Lead Investigator/Tech Manager.

My interest in the Paranormal has always been with me. Even though I grew up with a mother who is a Medium, I have always wanted to see for myself. I started CGH with my mom awhile back, I wanted CGH to be different from other Investigative teams out there.We don’t say that every bump or bang is paranormal, it probably isn’t. We recreate, examine and review all potential evidence with all the latest equipment available. It has always been important to me to do whatever it takes to get the best evidence possible. I feel our team is the best out there. Everyone is open to new things yet has this drive to ensure that all the evidence collected is legitimate. As for me, I have had several experiences myself with and without CtGhosthunters™, and I am always looking for new creative ways to enhance what my teams brings to the field of Paranormal Activity.


Volunteer, Kelly, Communications Director/Investigator.

I became interested in the Paranormal at a very young age. Not because I had an experience but simply because of my fascination with the unknown. I was always intrigued by the mystery of the energy that the human body creates and I often wondered where that energy went after we passed on. I believe it forms masses – or shapes that we recognize or see by the methods of which we are familiar – such as human form. Especially for those we love, we look to the familiar. A few years ago, my grandmother passed away. I was very close with her and longed to be with her again. I saw her face everywhere I went and felt her with me in every day instances - when I was making difficult decisions or just on a beach somewhere finding some peace- I felt her support standing squarely behind me. That energy and love is what I hope to find for others. I look to discover the unknown and bring closure and truth to people who are feeling the presence of the awesome unknown. If you are looking to find that also, I would love to help bring some clarity or resolve to your life and home. Please contact me at CtGhosts@yahoo.com.

Kelsey Crawford, Investigator

I have had an interest in the Paranormal all my life. After having lived in several homes that have had strange, unexplainable things happen, I decided that I needed to find out for myself what was out there. I didn’t want to come at it from a believers standpoint, but from more of a scientific perspective. My hope is that I can gain some knowledge of the afterlife and share this knowledge with family and friends as well as visitors of this site. The truth is out there and hopefully we will find it.

Cord West, Investigator.

I have always wondered whether life after death is real. I think everyone does. But I always had a hard time accepting the “evidence” produced by the Paranormal Investigators you see on T.V.  I consider myself a skeptic. I mean, I myself had never experienced anything “crazy” like they do. Many years ago before I became a member of CGH, a few friends of mine invited me to go to an old abandoned home in Guilford for a ghost hunt. So, I went.(This is called Trespassing and is illegal…CGH encourages all people who want to enjoy this field to always obtain permission first before conducting an investigation)… And although I didn’t have a life changing experience there, I did experience some things that I could not explain. This lead me to wanting to know more. However, I knew I wanted to take a more scientific approach to the investigations then just showing up and hoping something would happen. I wanted to rule out things that others would quickly want to identify as Paranormal. I knew that every noise heard was not ghostly, but was probably something very easy to explain. Well, I got my chance. I was asked by Laura Bryant, Founder of CtGhosthunters™ if I wanted to learn more. Of course I said “Yes”. I started as an Investigator-in-training, and am now a full time investigator.I hope to continue learning and get that allusive absolute proof of life after death.


Rich. Evidence Review/ Investigator

Albert Einstein once said, ” The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical.”  For most of my life, my ” mystical ” interests have lain with legends like Sasquatch and the paranormal.  I grew up in a Connecticut town founded in 1639.  The town itself was full of old antique homes, one in particular was down the street from where I grew up.  I don’t remember its founding date, but it had a family graveyard, and many eerie stories, the most fascinating involving the Podunk Indians, and their magic tree.  Riding my bike by this house, sneaking up to look into the windows, making gravestone rubbings, and pretending to see disembodied heads floating by the window were my way of ghosthunting as a boy.  Later in life, I lived in an antique home, dated from 1789, and experienced a few odd moments.  Latched doors opening and closing, toilets flushing, and the strange sensation of someone sitting on the bed as I was falling asleep. After moving on, I remember going back to the house to talk to the new owners to hear if they had similar stories, which they did.  How many other houses in Connecticut, and around the world have similar stories.  Ghosthunting has always been in me, I just never recognized it for what it was. Investigating stories like these with CGH is affording me a new, scientific window into the supernatural.

Tammy Rekito, Case Manager/Investigator

In my childhood, I was always into reading about things that are unexplained.  I craved the knowledge that there might be things out there that a lot of people don’t believe in. UFO’s, the occult, spirits, etc.  In the dark, I was always frightened of the little noises that the old houses would make.  The door to the attic where it was dark, the slightly opened closet door. Now as an adult, those things sometimes make my heart race, but I find that very little scares me as things did when I was child.  I still crave the knowledge of things unexplained, but I tend to be more of a non-believer until I actually experience something that I cannot, myself, explain.  That is why I choose to join my ghost hunting colleagues in seeking the truth at each and every investigation.  To see if there really is something that can be considered “unexplainable”.

Thomas J. Buijnarowski, Tech Support/Investigator.

Stan Craig,  Evidence Review/Investigator

Lois Shea, Reiki Master/Paranormal Investigator.

I have been practicing Reiki for over 12 years. Reiki is the art of harmonizing the body, mind and spirit by balancing the natural energy that flows through us. Reiki also has healing power to clear toxins from the body, enhance personal awareness and assist in removing unwanted energy . People or environments that have negative energy can benefit from Reiki. Continued negative or “stuck”energy can contribute to illness, disease, or an unhealthy environment.  My knowledge of Reiki and it’s positive energy brings a different perspective to Paranormal Research. I have empathic ability which means that I am able to sense, feel, hear or smell the presence of spirits. I hope that I can help the team and it’s clients find proof of the continuation of our spiritual life force through the use of Reiki.