Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP’s)

What is an EVP? ….EVP is used as an abbreviation for Electronic Voice Phenomenon..This is a voice or a sound that is picked up by a voice recorder and was not audible to the naked ear at the time of the investigation. CtGhosthunters™ scrutinizes each EVP for authenticity and only posts the EVP’s that meet our expectations. Most EVP’s collected do not meet our stamp of approval. Some EVP’s have been amplified.

girl crying Wallingford, Ct

This EVP was captured in an upstairs apartment of an old house in Wallingford, Ct. The History of the building is unsure however the area of the town and the  inhabitants of it at the turn of the Century endured many tragedies including small pox’s and cholera, which over a 10 year period of time caused the demise of many people including children.

8989 Madison, Ct

While reviewing evidence from a previous investigation, The record button was accidentally pressed. Other then one CtGhosthunters™ member reviewing the evidence no one else was in the home…Upon play back, CGH™ member was shocked to find that on the tape was a strange deep whispering voice repeating what appears to be the numbers 8 and 9.

…..is fun” Madison Ct

This is one of our favorites…The equipment was set up in the basement of a home we were investigating in Madison. After everyone had left, the equipment was allowed to continue to run in hopes of picking up any evidence of  either the man or woman, whom had passed many years before in the home. At approximately 3:20 a.m. this was caught by the digital recorder which was placed on the gentleman’s work bench….What do you think he is saying????

EVP caught at Little People Village ,Middlebury, Ct

Little People Village is a  place in Middlebury, Ct that many people are familiar with. The Story goes like this…A man went mad and decided to construct a Little Village for his Little people, whom he would rule over from his very large throne he made himself….The myth says that anyone who sits on his throne SHALL DIE….. (within a few days 3, 5, 7 who knows)Any way, many people have made the tireless journey to this sight including CtGhosthunters™ and I will say we did catch something that we cannot explain…..check it out.

Help-help-help-heart.Home in Madison Ct

This EVP was captured at a location in Madison, which was an old barn converted to a home. This Family had called CGH™ in to investigate strange sounds that had been occurring as well as apparitions they felt may have been the previous land owner, whom was killed on this property. This was a very active home and one that CtGhosthunters™ will be investigating again soon. Please listen carefully for the sound of the heartbeat…Incredible. This is why we do this.

Child’s cooing…..Rockland Cemetary. Madison Ct

Established as the North Burying Yard in 1793, It’s burial sites contain 3 Civil War Veterans and 4 Revolutionary War Hero’s. The most notable burial at the Rockland is that of  Mary Stannard, a 22 year old girl who was found dead in the Rockland area of Madison in 1878 as she went to the well to retrieve water for her father. The story is that she became pregnant by the Rev H.H.Hayden who it is said murdered the young girl by stabbing her to death to hide her pregnancy.  This was the first crime where by forensic  evidence would be used. Rev Hayden was acquitted…. During our investigation, we noted that there were many were markers  for children whom passed too soon. This is what we captured.

Whisper…”no” ,  Undisclosed Area

This EVP was captured in a bedroom at a undisclosed home. The homeowners  asked CtGhosthunters™ to come investigate their residents as they felt that there were unexplainable things occurring in their home..Some of the reports were of footsteps, hearing someone walking up and down the staircase and voices in their bedrooms. This was a direct question asked by a CGH™ member with an appropriate response.                                                                                    

 Patric  Ivoryton Playhouse, Ivoryton, CT

This EVP was captured in the basement of the Ivoryton Playhouse under the stage in one of the dressing rooms. We had left a digital recorder there unattended and captured what appears to be a voice. Is this the voice of a former performer or theatre worker named “Patric” letting us know that he is still apart of the Theatre, or the spirit voice of another looking for a long lost friend.

Chair Pings,Ivoryton Playhouse, Ivoryton, CT

While performing an EVP session in one of the dressing rooms, We began to experience sounds coming from the metal chair in the room. This was heard by all 3 investigators present. We began asking if they could repeat the sound and……well…..you’ll see.

A friend for David,Ivoryton Playhouse, Ivoryton, CT

David Balasko was a famous producer who had once employed Milton Stiefel as an assistant. After David’s passing, Milton started what is now known as the Ivoryton Playhouse. Milton always wonder if his old employer/mentor visited the Ivoryton. Could this be the voice of  his old friend????

 Camera Trouble at the Underground Railroad,North Guilford, CT

After experiencing many interruptions in our investigation due to my fully charged Video camera consistently shutting down, My frustration became apparent and  I began showing another investigator how much battery time I had left. High EMF fluctuations also persisted. However, It was not until our review of the evidence did we catch what appears to be a female voice taking part in our conversation..Was she responsible for our malfunctioning camera and high EMF’s?

“Find me”Underground Railroad, North Guilford, Ct

This response follows a line of questions which were asked by an Investigator. Claims on the property were not those of harmful experiences but more so playful……..The investigator had just a minute before asked. “Is there anybody here?

Footsteps”, Ivoryton Playhouse, Actor House

The Actors House is a 2 story building with a uniques history. One of it’s functions throughout the years was a funeral home. The front room was used for preparing the bodies and the back room was where these bodies were placed for viewing. Now It is used to provide a sanctuary for the tired actors who are performing at the Playhouse. A place to rest and unwind and to delight in their evening performances. However, Actors and staff members alike have reported having their rest and solitude interrupted by unexplained activity. One such report is that of “footsteps” over head or in the hallway when no one was there. We believe we capture what they have experienced. As a few investigators and staff members were preparing to do an EVP session, You can clearly hear the footsteps after the investigator says “So….

I am fine“,Private home, Southington, CT

This was captured in the home of a gentlemen not sure of his feelings about the Paranormal. He asked that we leave the voice recorder behind when all had left the home. It was placed in his basement. His feelings were that if someone were there he just wanted to know they were okay. I think he got his answer.

“No” -Niantic Spiritualist Camp, Niantic Ct-

This EVP was captured in the upstairs of a summer home. The history of the home within the spiritualist camp was it’s use of the upstairs rooms by Mediums to conjour up the dead. One of our female invesigators asked if they “liked the children”, although not what the family wanted to hear, they got an answer just the same.

whooping it up in Niantic, Spiritualist Camp, Niantic, Ct

This EVP was captured during a discussion with our clients. The sound captured was run through an audio program that can recognize and identify sounds of a animal, car or other environmental noise. This sound was from inside the home and as you can see neither the clients nor any investigators react to the sound as it was not heard at the time.

“Yeah” Niantic Spiritualist camp, Niantic Ct

This EVP was captured on our digital recorder during a session in one of the bedrooms of the home. Previously used by mediums for communication with the dead, this room was of interest as it was also the area where two of our investigations felt the top of their head touched. These claims had also been made by the clients. There were only 2 female investigators at this time during the session in the room. The voice sounds like that of a man saying “yeah” in a long drawn out tone

i dont have time..”-Watertown, Ct

This EVP is important to me as a medium. I have always wanted people to have the opportunity to hear what I hear. Also, to present something as a validation to others that I not only am communicating with their loved ones, but that they can have proof and the validation they need to know they are still with us. While performing an EVP session with the two clients, I heard a male speaking..It was clear to me. It was a low tone, male voice saying…”I don’t have time” and then what I thought I understood to follow “my son”. I was unaware at this time that in fact one of the clients fathers had recently passed and that the homeowners were looking for validation that he was there. Although the words are hard to make out, You can clearly hear a low tone male voice speaking just before I respond with what I hear. Audio was amplified for sound purposes.Use of headphones necessary.

Womens voice, Northford, Ct

This EVP was capture in an upstairs hallway in a private residence. We had left all equipement running when we changed out the groups. We were all 2 floors down when this was captured very close to the mic of the digital recorder. Was this the voice of someone letting us know that they were still very much a part of this home and family.

Man’s voice in hallway, Northford, Ct

This Evp was captured at the end of the upstairs hallway near a door. The claims were of a spirit which would come out of this room and enter into an adjacent bedroom to communicate with a younge child. We were conducting an EVP session in a bedroom

“Your Bad”..Northford, Ct

One of the claims from this home was that one of the young sons was experiencing a male visitor in his room, possibly a child. During an EVP session one of our investigators asked the visitor to speak to them first because he is scaring the young boy. When the investigator asked why he doesn’t speak with them the reply was obvious. “Your Bad”!