CT Ghost Hunters Testimonials


 The CtGhostHunters recently investigated my home. The professional manner with which they carried themselves was impressive.  The group members catered to my personal needs by keeping specific information confidential.  The organized and effective way they held the investigation allowed it to end at a reasonable hour, as I requested.  I would recommend the services of CGH to anyone; I plan to ask them back again.”  LW

“For several years we have experienced some strange things going on in our home. CtGhosthunters™ came in and did a thorough investigation.  I found them to be very professional and forthcoming with the information on what exactly was happening in our home.  I would recommend their services to anyone”. DMLBF

A Testimonial to CtGhosthunters™: “I love watching the exchange between our world and the spirit world when Sydney is giving a reading, I am fascinated by it!”
“Her accuracy is right on target, too!”  E.L.

“Just wanted to give a quick testimony, CT Ghost Hunters™ medium, Sydney Sherman is amazing, a little scary, I was reluctant to have a reading with her, but within the first 10 minutes of her talking to relatives that have passed, I was blown away, the things that she told me instantly convinced me of life after death and…gave me comfort in a way I have never known, I think I have been blessed to have crossed her path and comforted by what I now know about death and people who have passed, it’s a wonderful thing to know for certain that loved ones are OK; the things that Sydney told me were things I have never told anyone, not even my closest of friends, it actually took my breath away… Thanks Sydney, I feel that many things I had worried about with my family or myself have gone away, and now I have such a better understanding about life after death”.  B.B.

“We moved into our home about 4 years ago. From the first night our entire family experienced strange noise, singing and kitchen chairs being moved. My son searched the Internet for some explanations. He found several websites on Paranormal Investigating groups here in Ct. CtGhosthunters™ stood out as the most professional group. (I wasn’t feeling reassured by the skulls and crossbones on other sites). We contacted them and set up an investigation…..What an amazing night!! The EVP’s captured and the messages received were very clear. My family continues to interact with our house guests, but we are know longer fearful of them…Thanks CGH”.  H.H.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. The reading you gave yesterday was so helpful to my GF. The book thing was priceless as even I didn’t know about that. You’re good.” CSP

“Another Great reading by Sydney Sherman (CT Ghost Hunters™ Medium), I’m in awe with your talent Sydney!!!! Every Time I have a reading I walk away with a calmness about the other side, and this time I bought my best friend to share in your gift!! What a great experience, you are truly blessed and so are we to have the opportunity to have a reading with you!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart !!! ” Billy

We were told by a friend about CtGhosthunters™ (CGH) after we had expressed concern about items being moved in our home. After many nights with no sleep we decided to give them a call to see if they could help. From the first phone call and throughout the investigation, all the members were understanding and very knowledgeable in helping us  learn about the possibility for paranormal activity. They explained how the use of their equipment would help them determine if any type of activity was occurring in our home. We were amazed that we were allowed to be part of the investigation and how they worked together as a team attempting to rule out activities that were occurring. We were very pleased with their investigation and what they had to tell us..We are staying in our home and are no longer afraid to live there. Our whole family would recommend CGH highly…Thanks CGH! ” SWD

“Thank you Sydney Sherman, Medium for CtGhosthunters™, The reading that My sisters and I received was amazing……You were able to connect with our loved ones so easily. The information was so detailed and accurate we all felt as if our family members were right there talking and communicating as if they had never left. This was especially surprising for my sister, a firm skeptic….she can’t stop talking about it…I hope that you truly understand how much you do for people…you are a gift!!!” BCC

“The CtGhosthunters came to the Ivoryton Playhouse to conduct an investigation in October 2010. We were very impressed with their professionalism and the care they took in explaining everything they were doing. It was all very exciting and we were really pleased with the results of the investigation and would welcome them back any time!” Diane Miezejeski, Ivoryton Playhouse

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your lovely team. We cannot thank you all enough for all of the time you put in to help us get some answers. It
was a great experience and one, for me, that confirmed that what I have been seeing/hearing almost all my life is real. I had a wonderful time and like I
stated earlier, it is a wonderful feeling to know that I am not the only one who is fortunate enough to experience such phenomenons. Thank you again
and please extend our gratitude to the entire team. You have no idea how much you all helped us.”  A.B

Sydney, thank you so much for a terrific program. The attendance was probably a record for Durham. I had three staff members down there and they all raved. They said your presentation was very informative and left them more opem aware they previously had been. We especially appreciate your taking so much time to answer the attendees many questions. Great program!”

Valerie Kilmartin, Director

Durham Public Library