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Pictures or Video’s posted on this site go through a rigorous process and are reviewed and approved by each CGH member prior to being placed on this site for review by our visitors. “Orbs”, which are a collection of energy and not a predictor of Spirit activity will only be placed on this site for educational purposes.  We have had many e-mails from visitors to our page wondering why we do not have more pictures or videos on our site. It is very difficult and very rare when doing an investigation to capture an apparition, shadow or other footage that is proof positive of life after death. CGH has captured numerous photos or videos which would excite many visitors, and the claim of paranormal activity could be made. however, upon review they do not meet our approval…We have decided however, to place some pictures and videos here to educate the viewer on some types of activity that we have captured on our investigations which can be confused for paranormal activity and explain why in fact they are not. So, Please be patient..and be assured that it is more important for CGH to give you evidence that cannot be explained by any means then to fill our pages with unsubstantiated claims.

Connecticut Ghost Hunters:

CtGhosthunters had the privilege of being interview on WTNH News Team 8′s Connecticut Style. Two of our members, Christian Bryant, Founder and Kelly Schreier, Communications Director discussed the educational component we bring to every investigation and shared some of their experiences.

Pictures from Little People Village

We put two pictures side by side to show you a comparison of what we believe to be natural phenomenon. Many of these types of photo’s are taken with little review. When you click on and enlarge the pictures, the white area to the left side of the frame has mass and appears to be stationary. There was no strap on this camera as could cause a shot such as this. This is also not a finger over the lens as you would see the outline and residual color of the finger appear on the photo. This was taken outside in a secluded area away from other light sources except for the flash of the camera….  although impressive to some it is clearly the breath of one of the investigators moving in front of the lens. The object has no mass and is slightly translucent and appears to have movement. This is a common mistake that is made with photos taken outside. After review of all the pictures taken it is the agreement of all the investigators not to be indicative of Paranormal Activity. As we always attempt to educate the public, we felt these photo’s were noteworthy.

“Ghost face” Home in Madison, CT

This is a picture of the bed in the natural light provided to us by the homeowners. Some have reviewed the footage below and felt they have also seen a face in the headboard above the bed. We wanted to show this photo to indicate that what appears to some to be a “face” is actually scroll work on the headboard itself.

Ghost face in doorway video (click here to play)

This apparition was caught during an investigation at a private home in Madison, CT. The 2 CGH members where investigating the master bedroom of a clients home and began to hear noises in the hallway outside their bedroom. After asking if someone was in the hallway, the investigator immediately turned the camera toward the unexplained sound. It was not until review of the footage did we note what appeared to be a face of a visitor. This  footage was reviewed more times by every member of CGH then any other piece of evidence ever caught. We enhanced the picture with a thermal image. Spirits energy create what is called a heat signature and this heat can be capture on an image. I have also included the actual video footage. Can you see it?  This is one piece of evidence we feel confident placing on our site for your review.

Ivoryton Playhouse

Ivoryton Playhouse “Orb” (click here to play)This is not a ghost. We wanted to show you a clip of what is frequently captured during any investigation. Because it appears to come out of the dressing room to the right and continues on what appears to be a direct flight pattern, some Ghost Investigators believe that this is in fact a spirit leaving the dressing room perhaps going to the stage for a final performance. When in fact our investigators had just left this room after completing an EVP session. What you are seeing is simply a dust particle. This particle is following a naturally created air current stirred up by their investigation and reflected off the light of our IR (Infrared) camera.

Ivoryton Playhouse Stage (click here to play) This clip is interesting as it appears that at several different times a white mass can be seen walking in front of the chairs across the stage. Then after what appears to be a dust particle coming to rest on the stage, a white mass attempts to form in the center of the stage and then dissipates. Also, note the time counter at the top of the clip….this is in real time and yet this is the only instance that the counter appears to jump/skip numbers. All other camera’s filming locations throughout the playhouse at the same time do not experience this effect. All CGH members were accounted for during this time period. This footage was captured by our stationary IR camera’s. We are not willing to say that this is Paranormal activity, but it is without explanation. What do you think?

Quinnipiac Lolita, Wallingford, CT-

     Claims from many of seeing the face of a young girl peering out of this attic window, led CGH to investigate further. One of our Investigators was looking at the attic window from an adjacent window to see if reflection could be causing this occurrence, when he visualized the face of what appeared to be a young girl looking back out at him. He was able to capture what he saw. We have circled the image in the second photo. This is a ventilation attic which has neither and entrance  in or out. What do you think?

Enhanced- Special Thanks to Billy Boyce photography



 Duelling lens Reflections (click here to play)As we at CtGhosthunters are all about education we wanted to be sure to add Another popular occurrence which people confuse with paranormal phenomenom. We call it duelling Lens Reflections. When filming with the use of IR (Infra Red), lens reflections are always a concern especially when you are using two of this type of light source. What appears to be a very impressive light anomaly (or a feather), is only a reflection of the inner lens from our stationary IR camera which is behind and above our investigator. The same type of IR light from our sony cam which the investigator is using to film the investigation is capturing the light from the other camera and they are competing for the light. These show up as “bows” of lights or sometimes look like spiral shaped orbs. Nothing Paranormal…just a camera trick.


  Full Spectrum Camera- Used to capture UV (ultraviolet) and IR (Infra-red) light. Allows you to see in a spectrum of light not visable to the naked eye.

My First Investigation (click here to play) - Seeing the Spirit of a former cast member??

Although Investigating the Paranormal is taken very seriously be each investigator, we also have a great time doing it.  This is one of our newest investigators in training on his first actual investigation. At one time or another we have all had events which unnerved us either by a sound or something we saw….we were just fortunate not to have been caught on film. Here’s your initiation E and welcome to CGH. Thanks for being a good sport. We are gonna enjoy this for years to come!!