Connecticut Ghost Hunters Investigations


Rockland Cemetary, Madison, CT Established as the North Burying yard in 1793. Buried on these grounds are 4 Revolutionary War Veterans, 3 Civil War Veterans,  3 World War II Veterans as well as the 19th Century murder victim Mary E. Stannard who was murdered in 1878.  Many burial sites of young children whom died from disease were found. Many from the same family.

Ivoryton Playhouse, Ivoryton CT  Built in 1908 as a recreation hall in the small village of Ivoryton. Actor/Director Milton Stiefel, saw promise in the area as well as the structure and began the Ivoryton Playhouse on June 13, 1930. During WWII the playhouse went “lights out” for several seasons but was immediately reopened after the war. Just some of the stars that have performed here are: Katherine Hepburn, Cliff Robertson, Marlon Brando, Art Carney, Tallulah Bankhead, Betty Grable and Groucho Marx. The history of the building alone is worth the visit..but for CtGhosthunters™, it was the hope of catching one of these great spirits grace the stage one last time.(
 The Underground Railroad Home (The Freedom Trail) Guilford, CT
The Underground Railroad was a confederation of homes and other buildings that were way stations for blacks fleeing slavery. In Connecticut, the railroad moved slaves north along routes that often began at port cities such as Norwalk, New Haven or New London, or points along the lower Connecticut River. Slaves sometimes traveled by boat or walked long distances at night, sometimes guided by the North Star.CtGhosthunters™ was asked by the homeowners to investigate this location due to claims of voices being heard as well as strange footsteps in the night. With the anxiety and stress associated with this secretive and dangerous alliance between homeowner and slave, it would not be unexpected to potentially  find some residual energy as spirits continue the long trek toward freedom. You can find out more about other sites used as part of the underground Railroad here in Ct by visiting…
Little People Village, Middlebury, CT .  Long known for it’s vastly ranging stories of a mad man who lost his wife,who built a village of little houses for little people so  he could rule over them from his throne. To a man desperate for a family he could not have, going crazy and building this little village so he would no longer feel lonely. Whatever the true story may be. This site has brought people from all over for many years seeking to uncover the truth of this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere.
Old Well Tavern, Simsbury CT-  The Old Well Tavern has been apart of Ct history for some time. The home was originally built for the Shubael Hoskins Jr family in 1730. Over the many years it was home to many different types of establishments. As a shop and barn…A Tavern, and then in 1880 home to the Higley family who used the building as a Tavern and Brothel. In the winter of 1888 a relative named Seth Higley passed away while visiting. As was a common practice, his body was placed in the basement for spring burial. Being poor and with no claims for his person, his body remains to this day in the basement of the Old Well Tavern. Claims  include, feelings of being watched, being touched, seeing apparitions and hearing voices. Could Seth be walking the floors of this old establishment or is it some of the left over energy from the past patrons of the brothel???
Hubbard Park, Meriden Ct (Black Dog of Hanging Hills) The legend of the “Black Dog of Hanging Hills” dates back over 100 years. The area known as the “hanging hills” are a sub-range of the narrow, linear Metacomet Ridge that extends from Long Island Sound near New Haven, Connecticut, north through the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts to the Vermont border. The “supernatural Hound” has been described as a black dog which leaves no footprints and makes no sound. Too see this dog the first time brings “joy”, the second “Misfortune” and the third sighting is “death”. Six peoples death in this area have been blamed on this third sighting. Two such individuals, W.H.C Pynchon and Herbert Marshall, both geologists were said to have met their fate after seeing this creature for the third time hence, plummeting to their death. Whether the truth of these untimely deaths is due to the sighting of this elusive dog or due to the steep and slippery terrain, there is no underestimating the interest in this legend which will continue for many more years to come.